The TWRA reports to WLAF that a man has drowned after he fell from a boat while at the fuel dock at Shanghai Marina on Norris Lake near La Follette.

TWRA Boating Officer Jeff Roberson reports that Saturday evening at approximately 7:54 p.m., a bass boat and a pontoon were involved in a minor property damage accident inside the “No Wake” zone at Shanghai Marina.  Following the accident, both boats headed towards the fuel dock and the victim fell between the pontoon boat he was onboard and the fuel dock as he attempted to step off.  Witnesses say that the victim fell into the water, went under and did not resurface.  Members of the La Follette. Rescue Squad recovered his body at approximately 8:31 p.m. in about 64 feet of water.

Witnesses also say that the victim had unfortunately just removed his lifejacket before the incident occurred.  A properly worn lifejacket is without a doubt the best safety practice for boaters or anyone around the water.  If someone who is wearing a lifejacket falls into the water and loses consciousness, it is much more likely that they will survive than someone who is not wearing one.

TWRA will release the victim’s identity Sunday and offers prayers and condolences for the victim’s family and those involved in the incident.  His body was taken to La Follette Medical Center.  The incident is under investigation by the TWRA. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/22/2018-7AM)