By – Lindsey Hutson

City of La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield declared October 10 Katusko “Dixie” Hausser Day.   Several friends and city employees came together to honor a wonderful lady.  Dixie was surprised with a party at noon yesterday at City Hall where Stanfield presented her with a plaque. While naming off several achievements, including Sunday school teacher, Heart to Heart Ministry, tutor in the Literacy Program, and many more, Stanfield made the comment that he was, “Surprised she had time for all that.”

TOP PHOTO:  Dixie with Stanfield

Former Director of Schools Warren “Country” Heatherly described her saying, “If you looked up the word lady in the dictionary, out from it would be Ms. Hausser’s picture.”  While many people ate and shared stories of Dixie, many words were repeated around the room such as precious, smart, giving, and the like.  Having even a short amount of time in her presence, I would agree.

As tears of joy graced her face, Dixie, at age 93, was thankful to spend most of her adult life in La Follette saying that, “La Follette has been kind to me.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/11/2018-6AM)