The Tennessee Volunteers had Saturday off, but the Campbell County Volunteers didn’t.  They tackled tons of trash.  And won.

Campbell County Litter Control Officer Glennis  Monday led a group of 56 volunteers on a six-hour Norris Lake clean-up project covering two miles from the Twin Cove waterway to Oak Grove.  Four boat captains drove three pontoon boats and one work boat provided by Twin Cove Dock, Brad Bardo, Pam Keith and Charlie Ruth.

There was no shortage of volunteers nor trash

Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton, JROTC volunteers, Trashman Bernard Crow, and other lovers of Norris Lake spent from 8 am until 2 pm picking up tires-n-trash that totaled 7,580 pounds or 3.79 tons.  One 20-yard  container of styro foam, junk material off the water and shoreline along with 32 tires and 121 bags of picked up litter were part of what was hauled away.  SEE more photos here.

Monday sends out a big “thank you” to all who helped make the fall clean-up a success.  Lunch was provided by TVA.  Tonia and Christina Brookman of Subway delivered meals to the volunteers just like Monday promised.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/11/2018-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF LITTER CONTROL COORDINATOR  KEISHA HOWARD)