It would have been a most special day for anyone, but for 19-year old Noah Smith, it was extra special.  Because today was the day he was sworn-in to serve as the representative for one of the two school board seats here in Campbell County for District 4.

TOP PHOTO:  The Campbell County Board of Education likely has the widest range in age of any school board in the state from 19-year old Noah Smith (L) to 82-year old Faye Heatherly.

A healthy crowd was on-hand for Smith’s ceremony.

Smith calls it “very special.”  He adds, “I woke up on top of the world.  I’m optimistic, excited and looking forward to going to work to do whatever we can do to better our schools.

Butterflies were stirring as Noah Smith (L) shares a laugh with his mother, Joye, before entering the courtroom.

Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton (R) swore-in Smith at 10 am on Wednesday.  The mayor told the audience, “I am honored to swear-in Noah.”  Before Smith took the oath, Morton thanked him for offering his services to Campbell County.

Smith is joined by his parents, Mike and Joye Smith, and his six siblings

A large crowd of friends and family, including his church pastor Ronnie Arnold,  filled one side of the upstairs courtroom at the Court House at Jacksboro.  Even a photographer from Channel 10 was on hand to cover Smith’s special day.

Smith is perhaps the youngest person to ever serve on the county board of education; maybe the youngest ever in the state.  All in a six-month span, Smith graduated from Campbell County High School, enrolled at the University of Tennessee and won an elected office.  All the more reason today was extra special for a special Campbell County teenager.

Noah Smith expressed his appreciation to all those in attendance for their support and encouragement along the way.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/21/2018-2PM)