Campbell County has a resource for job seekers some may not even know about.

Tucked in behind the chamber of commerce is the Campbell County Career Center. Its longtime director, Randy Brown, is enthusiastic but humble about the work being done at the center.

“We are trying to promote those things (jobs and job seekers),” he said. “We also want to work with the community.”

Most recently that entailed partnering with George’s Foods, formerly Campos Foods in Caryville.

Following a job fair conducted at the center, George’s Foods made 15 successful hires.

In an email to county officials, Brown wrote, “George’s Prepared Foods have been taking applications through the career center location and have gone to directly interviewing and hiring new employees.”

When Brown met with company officials last week, they were “very pleased to this point that 15 of 17 new hires since November were still employed full-time with the company. George’s Prepared Foods has increased their starting pay to $12 per hour entering employment and has a .75 cent bonus per hour each pay period for perfect attendance,” Brown wrote in the email.

Brown (R) is pictured with another local business owner, Zach Sheets with Edward Jones Financial Services

Along with this, Brown said, “The company is hiring for all three shifts and needs about 15 more new employees at this time. First shift is 7 am to 3:30 pm, second shift is 3:30 pm to midnight and third shift sanitation begins at midnight.”

This is just one way the center is helping the community and its residents.

Other services the center provides is resume writing, space rental for job fairs and giving job seekers direction in their search.

“If someone is sincere about working, we want to help them,” Brown said.

Furthermore, the center wants to aid companies in their search for employees. A job board at the center lists opening in the area and employers are encouraged to use the 1,000 square foot room for job fairs and interviews. “We want to help all employers,” he said.

The Campbell County Career Center is located at 1016 Main Street at Jacksboro.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/15/2019-6AM-PHOTOS FROM THE CCCC’s Facebook page)