From baby faces to beards, Assistant Scoutmaster Bill Matthias has watched boys become men through scouting namely via La Follette Boy Scout Troop 310.     Matthias, along with 11 Boy Scouts and other scout leaders and volunteers, attended Thursday night’s Campbell County Good Scout Award Dinner at the Ball Farm Event Center.

TOP PHOTO:  Matthias (L) and his son, a grinning Eric (R), attended their fourth Good Scout Dinner.  Eric is a sophomore at Campbell High.

“I’ve watched three boys turn into men before my eyes,” said Matthias.  He talked of watching a three-year old video and being amazed at the “then and now” looks and actions of these youngsters.

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Scouts of Troop 310 attending Thursday night’s 12th annual event include Brandon Cummings, Danny Garrett, Tim Humphries, Jamal Lamar, Elijah Lamb, Eric Matthias, Love Patel, Brandon Ray, Stewart Thacker, Tyler Tony and Jacob White.  Scoutmaster Chris Thacker and assistant Scoutmasters Bill Matthias and Jack White also attended.  Love Patel (L) led the Pledge of Allegiance as the emcee for the evening, Eagle Scout Noah Smith. stood behind him.

Eagle Scout Logan Hickman, with Peoples Bank of the South and founder of the Campbell County Good Scout Award Dinner, told the capacity crowd that this year’s fundraising goal is $56,500.  Nearly $36,000 of that goal has been reached he added.  Goal deadline line is May 31.  Hickman said, “Of that goal, 80% goes to local scouts.

“I’ve had a part in these boys’ lives, said a beaming Bill Matthias.  And you can, too.  Donations can be mailed directly to Hickman at 106 West Central Avenue in La Follette at 37766. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/15/2019-6AM)