“It went great!  Record time,” said Campbell County High School Principal Jamie Wheeler.TOP PHOTO:  L-R Director of Schools Jennifer Fields, CCHS Principal Jamie Wheeler and Sergeant Josh Vann share their thoughts on how well the traffic flowed with the change. 

If Wednesday afternoon’s results in the change of the outward traffic flow pattern at Campbell County High School are indication of what’s to come, the change will be deemed a smashing success.  Wheeler was most impressed as she grinned while expressing her thoughts.

This car was the first to turn left out of the right lane.

Yesterday’s trail run began at 3:12 pm and ended at 3:26 pm.  “That’s way down from the 25-30 minutes it usually takes to clear all the after school traffic from campus,” said Campbell County Sgt. Josh Vann.   Students played a key role in the first day’s success, he said.  Vann went on to say, “The Criminal Justice students made signs to help explain the change.  All students  followed directions and carried out the plan safely and efficiently.”  The sergeant praised Brian Nelson, the Criminal Justice teacher, for his efforts at the T.  It’s Nelson who directs traffic where the parking lots meet at the top or T of the exit lanes.

Vann (L) and SRO Allen Bumgardner (R) tag teamed the traffic on Wednesday

Vann noted  there were no back ups past Walgreens coming into La Follette and no back ups past La Follette Monuments for Jacksboro-bound traffic.

One of the last pairs of cars to leave school on Wednesday afternoon

Traffic headed for Jacksboro still uses the left turn lane.  However, with the change, now  the right lane traffic can either go left or right.  Some students are still getting the hang of turning left out of the right lane, but once they do, traffic flow is expected to continue to improve.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/18/2019-6AM)