There was a very light moment at the end of Friday’s ribbon cutting at the new Habitat for Humanity Home on East Fir Street in La Follette.  By it being the very first Habitat Home to be constructed within the city limits of La Follette, Mayor Mike Stanfield took the project under his wing.  So much in fact, during the construction phase, a neighbor called to report someone was carrying off lumber from the front porch.  Stanfield went to check it out and ended up finding the lumber not far from the construction site .  He walked through a lot of mud to retrieve the lumber and ended up with very muddy shoes.

In the top photo, Roger Taylor presents Stanfield (L) with a new pair of galoshes.  Steve McCormick and Zach Sheets (R) with Habitat enjoy the moment.  See more Charlie Hutson photos HERE.

This is the new home of the Mary Brumitte family.