JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Retired Circuit Court Judge Conrad Troutman was honored during a Friday afternoon ceremony in the upstairs courtroom of the Campbell County Courthouse at Jacksboro as a portrait was unveiled.  A full house was on hand, and a handful of attorneys and judges spoke and told stories surrounding Troutman’s 30 years on the bench.  See the more than 100 photos from the touching event HERE TOP PHOTO:  Judge Troutman’s portrait was hung in the upstairs courtroom.

Chancellor Elizabeth Asbury recalled when she was a young lawyer in 1985 that Troutman was a mentor, and before her first trial, she was just sick.   “He put his arm around me, and said, Elizabeth, you’re gonna be just fine,” she said.

The man elected as Circuit Court Judge following Troutman’s retirement was Judge John McAfee from Claiborne County.  He said Troutman called him to congratulate him the night he was elected.  Sometime later, McAfee said, “The judge asked me if I was being sued by his secretary (after McAfee had replaced her).”  The new judge said he was.  Troutman told him that he would take care of it, and he did.  “It’s going on 15 years for me in this court, and it’s still Judge Troutman’s Court,” said McAfee.

Attorney Joe Coker began practicing in 1977, and he spoke of some of the civil commitments where  Troutman appointed attorneys as guardians.  Coker told the story of one of his first that involved a man whom Troutman said to send to Lakeshore Hospital at Knoxville.  The man was taken by officers, and he beat them back to Campbell County with hospital officials saying his paperwork was not proper.  It happened a second time. The third time, Troutman ordered the officers to not bring him back.  Coker said the officers took the man back about closing time, handcuffed him to the gate, threw the handcuff keys and paperwork inside the gate and left.  They never saw him again.

Terry Bassista, a long time Campbell County attorney, summed up Troutman in his own words that echoed much of what had already been said.  “Conrad Troutman set the tone for what a judge should be; always patient, compassionate and respectful, and, yes, easy going.”

Thank you, Judge Conrad Troutman.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/14/2019-6AM)