LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- On Friday night in LaFollette, several homes and apartments were lost to flooding. Yesterday, Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief alongside 65 physician assistant students from Lincoln Memorial University came to help with clean up efforts.

Shane Apperly, assistant professor of Physician Assistant Studies said he felt the need to do something to help out those impacted by the flooding.
After talking with the university it was agreed to excuse students in his program for the day, if they wanted to help those affected by the flooding. Volunteers worked to remove furniture, flooring, drywall and insulation from several apartments and one home. Stanley Roach, team leader, estimated that by 4 pm, 15 roll off dumpster loads had been hauled from the apartments. There was about four to five feet of water in the apartments and everything was lost Roach said.

Load after load of flood soaked items were pulled from apartments today by volunteers. (PHOTO BY IZAK BRIGHT)

LaFollette Councilman Bill Archer said the city had received over 400 phone calls regarding flood damages. The city received a lot of calls about homes with water in the basement, but TEMA is looking at buildings with structural damages. City officials and TEMA had to physically visit each site. TEMA is still here and still addressing damage, said Archer.
“We had a major slide behind the CO-OP that will cost big bucks to fix. It’s been unbelievable the help we’ve received, we don’t have the stuff and manpower to do it all,” said Archer. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED    06/1 4/2019-6 AM)

A Lafollette apartment had to be cleared of everything due to the flood damage. (PHOTO BY IZAK BRIGHT)

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  1. My twin brother Jack Bolton, lives on Tree Circle, just off Davis Chapel Rd. & he lost everything, including 5 cars w/ one being 1947 Chevy. He had water over his carport and 5.5 ft in his house. The water came up so fast that he & a neighbor had a difficult time getting him & his dog out of the flooded house. He had no flood insurance. Any assistance & or donations would be appreciated … Thank You, Jean Ann Bolton Bochnovich

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