LAFOLLETTE, TN., (WLAF)- On Tuesday morning a resident on Gamble Lane heard noises coming from outside and called police.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Crabtree had been to the home earlier in the night about a male outside the home, but the suspect had run away. While looking around the home, Crabtree heard a female screaming for help down the street. Crabtree ran to the female who said someone was under house, according to a report from the sheriff’s department.
Crabtree went into the garage and found a male crawling under the house. The male came out the other side of the crawl space but was caught by Crabtree before he could run. Allegedly the man said he was running from two males who said he had a warrant.
Lowell Wayne Ladd, 37, 153 Chapel View Drive, LaFollette is charged with aggravated burglary.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 6/21/19 6AM)