CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – In less than 20 minutes Monday night, the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen completed the second reading of Ordinance 2019-03 for its annual operating budget and passed that budget for 2019-2020.    Aldermen Eric Smith and Vickie Heatherly were absent from the meeting, while Aldermen Beth Lawson voted no on the budget, citing no reason for the objection.

The town’s 2019-20 budget totaled $1,961,112 increasing $571,652 from last year’s budget. Total revenue projected for 2019-20 is $1,759,942 with a beginning fund balance of $1,036,143, giving the town $2,796,085.

In non-related budget business, Mayor Bobby Stooksbury told the board he had been approached by Jason Freeman who coaches the six and under All Star baseball team. The team has advanced to the state tournament in Summertown the first week of July. Freeman was seeking a donation to assist with the expenses the team will incur during the tournament. There are two other teams that can possibly advance to the state tournament. Keeping this in mind, the board agreed to allocate a $300 donation that could be split three ways if all the teams advance. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/25/2019-6AM)