JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)-   Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton announced in an updated statement on Saturday afternoon:  In coordination with the clerk and master, Judge Amanda Sammons and Judge Shayne Sexton, the courthouse and annex will be closed Monday for deep cleaning.  Judge Sammons and Judge Sexton intend to hold court on Tuesday following a deep cleaning.  The clerk and master will reopen Wednesday.  The courthouse annex will remain closed Monday – Friday, Oct. 26-30.  Thank you for your patience.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/26/2020-6AM)

The Campbell County Courthouse Annex will be closed Oct. 26-30 for deep cleaning due to multiple COVID-19 diagnoses among employees.

This includes the trustee’s office, county court clerk’s office, register of deeds office, property assessor’s office and mayor’s office.  The mayor’s office will be checking phone messages throughout the week.  The courthouse will return to a single point of entry by the election commission and requiring a temperature check and escort to proceed beyond the entryway to court, the circuit court clerk’s office or the clerk and master’s office.

Court will continue by video and other means.  Anyone appearing will check in with the door attendants and bailiffs and be escorted to your point of business.  The circuit court clerk’s office and clerk and master’s office are open for business through the single point of entry.  The clerk and master will escort customers to their offices from the entry point.

Mayor EL Morton is issuing a proclamation calling on all Campbell County Citizens to wear a mask to defeat the Covid-19 Virus.. October, November and December 2020 will be mask wearing season in Campbell County. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED -10/23/20- 8:20 PM)

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  1. Seriously! Why do we continue to send our children to school and why are we still having sports activities?!!

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