KNOXVILLE, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) — On November 12th, Trooper Ryan Fletcher was recognized by the Tennessee Narcotics Officers Association (TNOA) for the largest cocaine seizure in Tennessee year-to-date 2020.

April 29th, at approximately 10:26 AM Tennessee Highway Patrol Interdiction Plus (IP) Trooper Ryan Fletcher conducted a traffic stop on I-75 N at the 82 MM in Loudon County for a traffic violation. Upon contact with the vehicle Trooper Fletcher observed indicators of tampering on the 2011 Audi Q7 wheels and wheel well. The driver did not possess a valid driver’s license and gave an unlikely travel itinerary.

As Trooper Fletcher continued to interview the driver, consent to search the vehicle was obtained after the occupant advised he had been searched in Mississippi the night prior. IP Trooper Kevin Stroup arrived to assist with the stop. Both troopers quickly observed indicators of an aftermarket compartment upon inspecting the wheel wells on both sides of the vehicle. The occupant was detained, and a Loudon County Sheriff’s Department K-9 was called to assist. A positive K-9 alert was indicated.

Trooper Brad Robbins & IP Sergeant Carll Duryea arrived to assist. The vehicle was moved to a garage where a further search of the vehicle’s rocker panels revealed two large compartments containing 20 kilo sized bricks (52.8 pounds) of suspected Cocaine. Federal prosecution is pending. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/16/2020-3:30PM)