JACKSBORO,TN (WLAF) – Robbie Gibson will have to wait to find out his prison sentence for the felonies a jury recently convicted him of.

On Monday, Jordan Horowitz, assistant district attorney for the Eighth Judicial District, asked the court to delay sentencing so the victim could participate. Court is currently being conducted via Zoom, and she lacked the technology to appear remotely, according to Horowitz.

Andrew Crawford, Gibson’s attorney, agreed to the delay with the stipulation it not extend beyond the next court date of Dec. 16.

Horowitz told the court his office would assist the victim with the technology component before Dec. 16.

Earlier this fall, a jury found Gibson guilty of three felony offenses; aggravated stalking, possession of a prohibited weapon and aggravated assault. The trial lasted two days.

Gibson was initially arrested Aug. 13, 2019, when the call of a suspicious person on the property of a West Walden Street home came in to E-911.  The woman of the home told La Follette Police “she heard a loud bang outside her home and saw a truck matching Gibson’s truck,” a green 2002 Ford F-150.  Also according to the report, the woman told police she had an order of protection against Gibson.

Later that night,  police received another call to the same West Walden Street address.  Based on the report, the woman’s son found some homemade explosives. Police searched the property and found several pieces of bottles that had exploded and three bottles that failed to detonate.  The bottles were defused and upon the inspection of the bombs, police discovered projectiles in the bottles consisting of nails.

Gibson was arrested later that night. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/03/2020-6AM)