TOP PHOTO: “It (the medals) really means a lot to me being the oldest grandson,” said Andrew Bruce, one of Carlo Bruce’s grandsons.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Local Korean War Veteran Herman D. “Carlo” Bruce was recently recognized as an “Ambassador of Peace” with a proclamation from the Minister of Patriot and Veteran Affairs of the Republic of Korea. He also received a medal for his service there.

The medal is an “expression of appreciation” from the Korean government to U.S. serviceman and women who served in the Korean Conflict.   Bruce is originally from the Melvin Community near Stinking Creek Road.

“It (the medal) really means a lot to me being the oldest grandson,” said Andrew Bruce. He said “papaw has three grandsons and two granddaughters.”

His rank in the military is a Sergeant First Class, and he served in the United States Army from 1951 to 1953. Bruce spent two years overseas, with one of those in combat in Korea. The proclamation expressed “the everlasting gratitude of the Republic of Korea” for Bruce’s service in “preserving and restoring the freedom of democracy” of the country.

Nearly 70 years later, Carlo Bruce can still wear his uniform.

“He was really surprised when I told him about the opportunity for us to claim this medal for his service during the Korean War,” said Andrew Bruce.

Bruce also received a Certificate of Honor and Korean War Commemoration from Vet to Vet of Tennessee in recognition of his “service and dedication.” 

“He has been through so much and achieved so much in spite of many setbacks (loss of hearing, etc.),” said his oldest grandson, Andrew. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/09/2020-6AM

7 Replies to “Korean War Veteran Carlo Bruce receives medal”

  1. Every now and then the Korean people remind us that they have not forgotten… even when a lot of us have.

    Thank you, SFC Bruce.

  2. Thank you all so much for putting this on your new site. We are very proud of all our Dad (and Grandpa) has accomplished in life. We know he is extremely proud of his military service and the fight for freedom. This award and medal seems to be the highlight of his military achievements. From our family to all veterans, we appreciate your service and sacrifice as well! Our country was founded on the backs of people like my dad and other veterans. They recognize what our country stands for and they were willing to give their lives for this cause. May we never forget what this country stands for! God bless you all! Thank you, Dad for you service! We love you! Pastor Steve Bruce

  3. Doing some research and interviews for one of my books, I found that among other hardships, these guys were doing battle in temperatures of up to 50 below zero at times. As one Marine interviewee told me, when talking about a battle at a place called Yudam-Ni, it was a cold and dirty place to die.
    HOO-RAH for SFC Bruce.

  4. Thank you for the service you have given for this country and for the battles you fought for the people of South Korea. I am proud to call you my uncle.

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