LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – While trying to serve an active arrest warrant on a person who fled inside Eddie Ray Riggs Long Hollow Road home, Campbell County Sheriff’s Det. David Wormsley searched Riggs.

During the pat down Wormsley felt what he believed to be a pill bottle in Rigg’s right front pocket, according to a report from the sheriff’s department. When Wormsley was preparing to take the pill bottle out of Riggs’ pocket, he allegedly told Wormsley it should be empty. But as Wormsley was taking the bottle out of Riggs’ pocket he stated that it had Suboxone in it.

Inside the bottle, Wormsley found two round pills believed to be Naloxone. While Wormsley and other deputies were talking to Riggs and other people at the residence inside of a bedroom, Riggs started backing up to a nightstand beside the bed positioning himself in a way to block Wormsley’s view, according to the report. Wormsley then noticed a black container on the nightstand and asked Riggs if there was anything inside the container when Riggs replied there should not be. As Wormsley was retrieving the container he noticed a silver metal style container with no lid which had a clear baggie with what appeared to be a powder substance inside of it. When the black container was opened inside there was a small corner baggie tied up containing eight and one half pills believed to be Benztropine. Wormsley then retrieved the silver container and dumped the contents that contained a clear corner bag with a gray powder substance. When Wormsley asked what was in the container, Riggs allegedly replied it was heroin. Deputy Joseph Weaver checked the nightstand and found one new and three smoked marijuana joints and several small locking style baggies in two colors.

Riggs, 33, 1220 Long Hollow Road, LaFollette was charged with possession of schedule I controlled substance, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule VI controlled substance and possession of prescription drug without a prescription.

According to jail records, Riggs is unemployed and was arrested for the 13th time. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/17/2021-6AM)