By Charlotte Underwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Mallory Rosenfeld is Campbell County’s new Administrator of Elections. She will take over after Ann Colvin-Ayers retires Aug. 9. The first week of August, Rosenfeld will work closely with Ayers-Colvin learning the ins and outs of the election office.

She said she is honored to have an opportunity to serve the county in another aspect and that she feels it is a blessing. 

Mallory Rosenfeld is Campbell County’s new Administrator of Elections. She will take over after Ann Colvin-Ayers retires Aug. 9.

“This is an opportunity for me to serve the county in a fun and exciting environment and I look forward to working with the public,” Rosenfeld said.

A total of 14 applications were picked up and 10 were returned. The election commission met and narrowed it down to three applicants, according to Election Commission Chair Jamie Ball. 

Interviews were conducted with the top three applicants, with Rosenfeld being the final choice. 

Rosenfeld is a 2005 graduate of Campbell County High School and has spent the last 13 years employed with the county’s director of  finance. She is the vice chair of the Campbell County Library Board and has been a ministry leader for Celebrate Recovery for the past two years. She has been involved in the election process over the last decade and has served as a polling official, as well as a trainer for election poll workers. 

Ball said she felt Rosenfeld would be “a great asset” to the election office.

“The election commission is excited for Mallory to join the team. Based on her resume and her prior experience, we are pleased to appoint Mallory Rosenfeld as the Campbell County Administrator of Elections,” Ball said. 

Rosenfeld said she was “blessed by the opportunity.”

“I want the election commission to know it was an awesome opportunity to even apply for this job and I am so excited to serve the public,” Rosenfeld said.

Elections have been something Rosenfeld has always been interested in, which is why she got involved in the process about 10years ago.

“Every time I have worked an election, there is an excitement and anticipation of what is to come as people go out and vote, and I am so excited for this opportunity to serve the public in this way,” Rosenfeld said. 

She also said she has known Ann Ayers-Colvin for a long time and “knows she has heavy shoes to fill” after Ayers-Colvin retires. 

“I’m so appreciative of Ann and the election office and I know I have heavy shoes to fill, but I am confident with the staff that is in there, we can keep the election office running the way it is supposed to be running. I love working with and serving the public and I’m looking forward to it,” Rosenfeld said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/23/2021-6AM)

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