LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Monday afternoon, a 26 year resident of South 9th Street came to LaFollette City Council seeking help for issues her neighborhood is facing. The woman expressed concern about homeless people being present in her neighborhood. She stated that she has woken up for work and found them sleeping on her back porch. She reported that they were roaming around the neighborhood and expressed concern for some of the elderly living in the neighborhood. LPD Chief Bill Rhoel stated he would have officers increase patrol and requested the residents in the neighborhood call police if they had people on their property without permission.

Next Tuesday evening, the mayor and council will vote on City Clerk Stan Foust continuing to serve as city administrator, currently as interim, as well as continue his city clerk duties. Foust has been serving dual roles since former City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries was terminated earlier this year. His salary will be determined at the meeting. The council will vote on promoting Brad Young to Lieutenant in the fire department at a salary of $35,540.27 effective Aug. 14 and transferring Danny Benge from the public works department to the recreation department.

The Beautification Board wants to paint a mural on the wall at Common Ground Coffee Shop. The mural will cost $4,000 and will be painted by Allen Miller. The city will lease the wall for the mural.  Councilman Wayne Kitts had inquired in last month’s meeting about the possibility of a surplus auction. At that time Foust agreed to have department heads make a list of items they have. Monday afternoon, Foust brought the list to the council and stated they didn’t have enough items to hold an auction yet. However an alternate solution was offered, the items could be placed on The council will decide on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 3, how to move forward.

Three resolutions and three ordinances will be on the agenda for council to vote on at next week’s regular monthly meeting. They are Resolution 2021-08 Multi-Jurisdictional, All Hazards Mitigation Plan approval of the plan makes the town eligible for hazard mitigation funds, Resolution 2021-10 capital outlay note for the $192,000 excavator purchase, Resolution 2021-11 amending the 2021-22 budget, Ordinance 2021-09 amending Title 17 adding chapters I, II and III back to the refuse section will have a final reading, Ordinance 2021-10 amending the zoning map for the City of LaFollette, North Indiana Avenue and Ordinance 2021-11 amending personnel policy (FMLA), this will require employees to use sick and vacation time while off on leave.

Kitts requested the city have a study conducted on placing cameras within the city for security purposes such as vandalism and theft. Foust told council he will get some information on options for the council to discuss.

Mayor Mike Stanfield told the council he had spoken with TDOT about the issues at Hunters Branch Road.  Stanfield reported that Hunters Branch Rd will be widened, and a traffic light will be installed to help alleviate traffic issues plaguing that area.

Next week’s council meeting will begin Tuesday, Aug. 3, at 5 pm, since National Night Out starts at 6pm at Sergeant’s Park. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/27/2021-6AM)

3 Replies to “Homeless issues continue to plague LaFollette”

  1. The homeless problem is not going to magically fix itself. There has to be some place for them to go. If the city or county does not designate a place for them then they will find a place. PLEASE PLEASE work on finding an answer to a real and true problem. Instead of making the city LOOK pretty lets BE pretty.

  2. LaFollette needs to make a place for the homeless help them get jobs and homes lots of wasted money on other things use some to help them

  3. Thank you to the resident who brought this homeless crisis to the council. Long time residents of Lafollette are very concerned about the homeless traffic that have moved into this town making it unsafe to even walk your dog.

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