JELLICO, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – The City of Jellico will have its Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 12,  beginning at 2 p.m. The parade route starts at the traffic light near Hardees and will conclude at the baseball ball park area.   

For participates, please enter by Crouches Creek Baptist Church, and it will be (one way only) to the high school. The line-up is in the high school parking lot and continues to 5th (Main St). We ask all participates to be in place by 1:30pm.   

Parking for folks who will be riding on floats is in the parking lot behind the high school, and you’ll walk around to the front to get on your floats. Drop-offs that will be riding on floats are to be dropped off in front of the high school, and vehicles need to immediately vacate the area by the road that leads up to Sunset Trail. 

Shriners vehicles will assemble in the Crouches Creek Baptist Church parking lot. The vintage and classic cars will get in position in the Union Bank parking lot.   Police cruisers will report to the right side of the street just beyond Hardees down to Union Bank.   

Fire departments and emergency vehicles are to go to the football field. Horses and trailers are asked to use the grassy lot across the street from Union Bank and will bring up the back of the parade just behind Santa Claus.  

Floats of all designs are invited to take part in the parade, and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners in commercial, non-commercial and church categories. Remember, no four wheelers/ATVs are allowed unless they are a part of a float theme.

All elected officials, city, county and state are invited to participate in the parade. If you have questions, please call Jake at 423.912.8244. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/26/2021-2PM)