WLAF featured Doug Gibbs and his dog Chico in a story from November 2018. “I look like a bum, but I’m not a bum,” said Gibbs.

By Jim Freeman

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Doug Gibbs, the man we’ve all seen walking with his dog along the four lane over the years, died in Friday’s house fire on North 15th Street.

Firefighters never located Gibbs’ dog of more than 20 years, Chico.

Gibbs walked with a limp after being hit by a car during the Blizzard of ’93 and was legally blind.

WLAF caught up with Doug and his dog in November 2018. HERE is that story.

One comment Doug made during our visit nearly three years ago that really hit home was when he said, “I hope the Lord can find me a better day- or go on and take me. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/21/2022-9AM)

24 Replies to “A man we all have seen, and many know, died in Friday’s house fire”

  1. This absolutely Breaks my heart. I always had a burden for them both and would give him money to get what they needed. I pray that Chico is ok and I know that he was loved so much by Doug and he told me himself that he was all he lived for anymore. Hopefully if he is alive, someone is loving him, I know I would be. 🙁

  2. This saddens my heart so much. If Chico is found I would gladly take him in and give him as much love as he needs.

    1. We love Doug and Chico! My boys and I have always prayed with him. Bought him clothes shoes,and Chico what he needed. I don’t live but 2 blocks from there. Rip Doug your with your father now. No longer sick!!

  3. This has broken my heart , I loved this man and Chico,he was one of the sweetest guys I knew .i loved talking to him to make sure he was okay.I’m gonna miss him and Chico💔

    1. I saw him and talked with him in Feb at Walmart. Asked did he or dog need anything. May God bless this gentle man. Hopefully the dog found a home or safely went to sleep and woke up with Doug. People we never know from day to day, but I’m sure this kind man is with our heavenly Father.

  4. I got to know Doug as a cashier at Walmart. Chico was the best dog. We all loved him as one of our own.. Bought Chico treats and helped Doug too..
    R.I.P. you are now with the Lord, you earned your wings.
    If I can be of help in finding Chico I will.

  5. This is so heartbreaking , I pray that he didn’t suffer and that Chico was with him until the end , as they lived their life always together and with so much love . R.I.P. free from all pain and suffering .

  6. This breaks my heart. He was a good man, and he loved Chico with all his heart! I hope someone finds Chico and shows him so much love! I sure will miss seeing them. R.I.P.

    1. My grandson Is 12 and has a heart of gold. Everytine we would see him at Walmart he wanted to talk to him. Kaden made sure we got him food and sometimes when we got back over there to give it to him he was gone, Kaden wanted to keep driving around until we seen him so he could give it to him. Kaden worried about him all the time. Very nice man. This is so sad.

  7. So sad to hear this. Whenever I would go to Walmart I would look for Doug and Chico. They will be missed. Rest In Peace.

    1. So sorry to hear about Doug , very nice man! I hope Chico has been found sweetest dog ever

    2. I’m so sorry for your loss. He was very kind anytime I got the opportunity to talk to him and Chico.

    3. Hey just wondering sorry to ask. Did you find his dog? I know they love one another very much. They both was amazing. I always use give them money so get some food but not about that they was nice.

    4. I’m one of Your Dads friends my name is Guy . For short First I’m soo sorry for the loss of your dad I pray for you and your family If you would please call me 865-607- 4985 Alice Miller and my self would like to help you with your Dad’s funeral

    5. Rejoice in your homegoing, Doug! Many thoughts and prayers for your loved ones including Chico.

    6. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, I’m sure this is horrible to deal with. I gave your dad a d Chico a ride several times and my mom bought him a pair of shoes once. I pray that God brings you peace and comfort.

  8. I always looked for them when I was in town. After my fur baby, Marci, died, I took at least 30 cans of the Caesar dog food for Chico. I will miss seeing them around town. I pray Chico is found.

  9. I would see Doug walking on the 4 lane, almost everyday, he would sit in front of Walmart, with his little dog. I would always say hello to him but, I didn’t know him that well. I always spoke to him. God bless him.

  10. So very sorry for your loss. I talked with your dad over the years. He was a very sweet man and he loved Chico so much!! May he rest in peace…

  11. We’re really sorry to hear about Doug and Chico. We gave them many rides to and from Walmart and always gave them some money so Chico could get a hamburger at McDonald’s. Gave him a heavy coat last winter and a few days later he was out without the coat. He said someone stole it. He said he often had clothes and money stolen. Makes us wonder what really happened to him. Guess we’ll never know.

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