TOP PHOTO: Bill Archer is a candidate for mayor of La Follette.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – From teaching school to serving on the county commission and multiple terms on La Follette City Council to being Clerk & Master for nearly 40 years, Bill Archer has lived a life of public service.

Archer has served multiple terms on La Follette City Council.

Archer recently qualified to run for mayor of La Follette in the November election. “The outpouring of support has been surprising and most welcomed,” said Archer.

The life long La Follette native has been very instrumental in youth sports, especially baseball, beginning with his high school career as a La Follette Owl as he and his Owls won the 1962 district baseball championship. He played a key role, along with Jerry Brown, and others in developing the baseball field at Campbell High. It bears their names, Brown-Archer Field.

Bill Archer and Jerry Brown were driving forces in the development of Campbell High’s baseball field.

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  1. I have known Bill for 70+ years, living across the street from him until I went in the navy after high school. He has always been a straight shooter with integrity anytime I have ever dealt with him, whether in grade school or later years in his official capacity. I live down in Fountain City, Bill, and unfortunately can’t vote for you. I can cheer for you though.

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