TOP PHOTO: Jacksboro Police cruisers were parked earlier today when most all of the police force resigned.

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – WLAF has spoken with Jacksboro officials and was told that Daniel Smith is the new Chief of Police for the Town of Jacksboro. Franklin Ayers was promoted to assistant chief for the JPD.

Jacksboro is in the process of hiring four new police officers after the entire police force, except for Ayers, walked out earlier today.

Jacksboro Mayor Shayne Green denies any prior problem to the walkout.

Former Jacksboro Chief of Police Jeremy Goins tells WLAF News that, in summary, Mayor Shayne Green basically tried to tell a JPD officer to arrest people that allegedly passed a sobriety test on Saturday.  The Officer, Jordan Husky, allegedly said no and later resigned.  The mayor allegedly asked for Goins’ resignation after hiring an assistant chief without Chief Goins knowledge.  Goins resigned earlier today. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/03/2022-3:30PM)