TOP PHOTO: This ariel shot from WLAF’s Eagle I shows the section of Depot Street/South 5th Street the City is talking about leveling to join two city parks, Seargeant Park (left) and Liberty Park (right). The photo is courtesy of WLAF’s Charlie Hutson.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Over the past 19 hours, WLAF has been asking your opinion of 1) Yes, remove the street or 2) No, do not remove the street when it comes to the section of street between Seargeant and Liberty Parks. A total of 534 votes were cast with 475 of you voting “no” while 59 of you cast a vote for “yes.” That’s 89% to 11%. The 534 votes cast may not sound like many, but keep in mind, 548 votes elected the new mayor last November.

Tuesday afternoon at its regular monthly meeting, the City of La Follette council will vote to spend or not spend upwards of $10,000 for design and core drilling of South 5th Street-Depot Street. This is the section of street that separates Liberty Park and Seargeant Park near the former West La Follette School and links West Beech Street with West Central Avenue. The reason for the design and core drilling is to learn more about this section of land as the City is taking steps to remove this portion of street. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/06/2023-4PM-UPDATED 02/07/2023-NOON)

16 Replies to “Do you want S. 5th St.-Depot St. to stay or go? Here are the results.”

  1. I do not see great advantages of linking the parks. The $10,000 is just for core samples and the entire project will be tremendously expensive, so evaluate cost/benefit.

  2. How about leave the street as it is. It appears to me there is plenty of space to make a walkable tunnel under the road to connect the two parks. That way they can have both accesses.

  3. Leave it as it is. Helps keep a lot of traffic from having to go out on 4 lane just to go to gas station.

    1. Looking at the impact area I see four residential homes, 2 churches and 7 business sites. Has there been an impact study done or has these owners been involved and if not why, this plan according to the city website, it was estimated back in 2021 to cost $500,000 total. With the $250,000 Grant covering the first part and the city would cover the rest with cash. It’s now 2023 and we all know costs have gone up on everything and does the city have that kind of cash they claimed to channel 6 news in 2021. Looking at the drawing I saw put out by the city, the street is not removed but still in place, so was this someone’s idea they wanted or was it thought through first. $10,000 is a lot, but a drop in the bucket of what it will really cost, after the $250,000 is paid by the Grant. The city would owe closer to $500,000 or more yet. Seems like a poor decision of taxpayers funds to remove a usual road that doesn’t need to be removed.

  4. Leave it alone. There are alot of us that use the street. I am opposed to reconfiguring of the space

  5. Leave it. I played there as a kid. I don’t see an advantage to removing depot street

    1. Leave the street alone. Spend the money on something that would be beneficial for everyone in our community.

  6. I don’t see much value added to the parks by removing the street and berm. If there is enough demand for connecting the parks for foot traffic, then Jerry Chadwell’s idea above ought to work. If there is not enough demand for foot traffic access, or such demand is not foreseen in future park use, then removal isn’t necessary.
    My Mom, three brothers, sister, and all the local in-laws and nieces and nephews I’ve spoken to share this assessment.

  7. No it should stay as is. There’s a lot of traffic use in that road especially during Commodity time. As they say. If it ain’t broke don’t mess with it. Thank You!

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