LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The South Fifth/Depot Street conversation doesn’t appear to be over for the LaFollette Mayor and City Council. Monday afternoon at the monthly workshop, City Administrator Stan Foust told council they would need to decide how to proceed with the project since they tabled it at last month’s meeting. Mayor Cliff Jennings would like to move forward with the core drilling to see what material is underneath the road. Councilman Wayne Kitts wants to move forward with the core drilling to see if the soil is contaminated, while Councilman Chuck Queener feels that the city needs to be focused on other projects before starting another one. The core drilling will cost the city about $4,700. Council will vote on Tuesday night, March 7, as to how they want to proceed. 

A representative from Pugh Company was on hand to discuss the 6/30/2022 year end audit. The audit was clean and shows the city in a very healthy financial position, according to the auditor.

Several bids are on the agenda for approval at next week’s monthly meeting. First up is the approval of bidding for emergency sirens; acceptance of the bid on storm water drainage on Beech Street from Portland Utilities for $756,131; acceptance of the bid for paving of landscaping boxes and stripe removal and accepting the bid for the guardrail at Rosehill / South Thirteenth Street and Cherry Street behind Calvary Baptist Church.

In January, the council decided to award a most improved clean up winner each month. Next week at the monthly meeting, the winners will be announced.

The police department has several guns that are old and need to be upgraded. Police Chief Steve Wallen told council last that he could trade in the old guns for $300 each and purchase new guns for $425 from Mike’s Gunshop in Tazewell.  

At next week’s regular monthly meeting, Ordinance 2023-03 amending the zoning ordinance will have a final reading. Resolution 2023-05 amending the 2022- 23 budget will also be on the agenda for approval. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/28/2023-6AM)

5 Replies to “City moving forward with South 5th-Depot Street project”

  1. How about paving beach street before starting another project, especially one that the majority of citizens don’t want.

    1. I wonder if the coring will reveal the need for an archeological investigation of the site? Just wondering.

  2. This 5th Street issue might cause Cliff to have the shortest mayorship in LaFollette history. The previous election was to fill a two year term due to Mike Stanfill’s resignation. Ninety percent of the people are opposed to ripping out that street. We also will get to vote on throwing out two city councilmen over this issue. They can kiss their political careers goodby come one and a half years from now. Going against 90% of the people means they must be members of the new modern Democrat Party where the people’s will means nothing. Vote them ALL out.

    1. I totally agree the comment that Jerry D Kidd has made. The peoples voices need to be heard. Nothing is or has been done for the youth of our town. Take the money and invest in our youth.

    2. I agree with Jerry.. council and mayor, see what the citizens want , but are ignoring it for some reason**.(?)remember how EACH council member votes on this project ( we know what the major wants) .. Vote them out.!

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