TOP PHOTO: Ronnie Sharp of Forgotten People/Places and Old Geezers.

By Ronnie Sharp

LAFOLLETTE, TN (SPECIAL TO WLAF) – In the fifties, a plan was developed whereby we would transition to a hydrogen economy.  Nuclear power could be so cheap that we would use electricity to power all our practical needs AND separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.  

Excess oxygen could be vented into the atmosphere and hydrogen stored and treated much like LPG, releasing only water into the atmosphere when burned.  We could reach zero carbon emissions in this country within five years should we adopt this plan while using all the climate study funds and the windmill/solar subsidies to plant more trees. The learned folks know this.  They also know that we are years away — if ever– from making solar and wind cost effective.

According to physics the atmosphere has already absorbed all the CO2 that will make any difference.  Anything additional will have little to no effect on heat retention.  Fossil fuels are critical to modern life while as an energy source they are easily storable, energy dense and affordable if left minimally regulated.

A sustained effort to propagandize the public and especially children from preschool forward into thinking that the world is about to end if drastic measures, that will literally kill millions, are not implemented now.  

The climate change package is now and always has been about seizing property and control of people and society so to plan our lives and all we attempt. Sadly, they are winning. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/11/2023-6AM)

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