TOP PHOTO: Holden Pistello, (seated at center) signed with the Bryan College Lions on Friday morning. He will join his long-time fishing teammate Bryson Dotson, (seated at right), for another four years of fishing. Also pictured is Holden’s Aunt Melinda Richardson, and Bryson’s dad and “team support” Jason Dotson, (standing).

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Holden Pistello has been fishing “since he could walk” after his grandpa Michael Pistello got him hooked when he was young.

Now all that time on the water is paying off with a scholarship to Bryan College. 

Pistello signed with the Lions on Friday morning. He will join his long-time fishing teammate Bryson Dotson for another four years of fishing, as Dotson signed with Bryan College in March. 

Pistello said he chose Bryan College because of the “environment and hospitality” which was evident when he took the tour of the campus. 

“I chose Bryan College for what they showed me on the tour; I fell in love with it,” Pistello said.

Chickamauga Lake is the home fishing turf for the college. 

Holden Pistello, (center) signed to fish for Bryan College on Friday morning. He is pictured with CCHS fishing coach Gabe Keen, left and Bryan College fishing coach Mike Keen, at right. The Keens are father and son.

Pistello said he believes fishing on Norris Lake has prepared him to fish other lakes.

According to Bryan College Fishing Coach Mike Keen, he is excited about having the fishing team stick together.

“It’s rare to have a team stay together for eight years; four in high school and then another four in college; we’re looking forward to having this team at our school,” Bryan College Coach Mike Keen said. 

Brei and Jason Dotson have a fun moment with Holden Pistello and their son, Bryson Dotson (right). 

Campbell County High School’s fishing coach Gabe Keen said Pistello had worked hard to achieve his goals. 

“I’m super proud of Holden; these guys are one of my most consistent teams I’ve had and hopefully they keep it going right into college,” Gabe Keen said. 

Pistello said he plans to study mechanical engineering while at college. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/22/2023-6AM)