James Walker, Sheila Marlow (seated) and Angela Prentice comprise this morning’s staff at Big O’s.

By Charlie Hutson

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – There were no injuries, and the suspect, said to be a convicted felon who was recently released, was taken into custody within minutes following a morning armed robbery at Big O’s Valley -East.

James Walker is the employee who dealt with the armed robber.

According to employees, the subject was taken into custody in a matter of minutes. It was reported the male suspect took $232 and some cigarettes. Big O’s General Manager Chris Bailey said it’s a call you never want to receive. “I’m proud of how my staff handled the situation,” said Bailey.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tosha Owens.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tosha Owens was leaving Big O’s Git-n-Go when several people were heading into the store including the suspect. Owens had only traveled a short distance when the call came in over the police radio. She then turned around and headed back to Big O’s and made the arrest. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/04/2023-11AM)

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  1. So glad no one was injured or hurt. So proud of James for handling the situation.

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