TOP PHOTO: Coach Johnny Bruce (above) was once again nominated and approved as the commission chairman at Monday’s Commission meeting. Rusty Orick was chosen as vice-chairman. The vote was unanimous for both Bruce and Orick.

By Charlotte Underwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Commissioners approved Coach Johnny Bruce as the commission chairman once again at Monday’s meeting. Commissioner Rusty Orick was chosen as the vice-chairman. Both were approved unanimously.

Commissioners also approved committee appointments, building and grounds projects and grant applications at Monday evening’s meeting.

Commissioners from each district were appointed to various committees such as building and grounds, legislative affairs, recreation, and more.

Several committees were abolished and others consolidated. The Infrastructure committee was abolished as it has “completed its task and is no longer needed.” Its purpose was to allocate state and federal funds the county received.

It was also approved to abolish the Education committee and expand the Legislative affairs committee to handle these issues as part of the county’s effort to “realign committees.” The Legislative Affairs committee was renamed the Legislative and Intergovernment Committee.

In other business, commissioners approved naming the RV Park as the Campbell County RV Park. The layout of the dedication plaques for the RV Park and EMS buildings were approved as well.

Also approved was a contract agreement for the Sheriff’s department regarding tazers, along with a reccomendation from the building and grounds committee to add on two separation walls for the sheriff’s department for “clients and attorneys.”

Commissioner Rusty Orick discussed several building and grounds issues including the placement of a plaque on the new Jacksboro building Trustee’s office with the dedication reading ‘to the citizens of Campbell County’, which was approved.

Orick also made a motion about the sale of the PTF property. The building and grounds committee had decided to split the property into two parcels. The parcel containing the building is 4.2 acres and was declared as surplus. The county will retain the remaining 3.8 acres on top of the hill. The county commission also approved to request the Caryville Planning commission that the 3.8 acres be used for light industrial purposes. Commissioners will meet with them next week. The PTF building and property are located across from the Armory in the very back of the McGhee Industrial Park and owned by the county. The name PTF comes from a former tenant’s business name.

Upon the building and grounds committee’s recommendation, the commission approved this divide of property and the declaration of it as surplus.

The hope is to hold the auction and sell the property this fall.

Money from the auction of this property is going to “roll back into the industrial funds”, according to Orick.

The commission also approved for the application of an airport tree removal grant.

In other business, commissioners approved for General Sessions Judge Bill Jones to apply for state grant funds to be used for the General Sessions Court’s Recovery Court program.

Commissioner Dewayne Gibson made the motion for the Recovery Court to apply for the Opioid Abatement grant, which was unanimously approved. Rae Lawson was also approved to act as the grant administrator.

Final business approved was the adoption of 600 feet of Noah Lane into the county road system upon the recommendation of the county planning commission and County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck. The road has been “brought up to standards and specifications” to be adopted into the system. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/19/2023-6AM)