True win-win situation for TCAT and Habitat for Humanity

TOP PHOTO: The partnership continues between the Tennessee College of Applied Technology and Habitat for Humanity with construction on the 40th house almost complete. The foundation has also been set on the 41st.  Both homes, side-by-side, are located off Old Highway 63 just east of Big O’s Valley.

Left to right are Chris Goodman, TCAT Building Construction Technology instructor, and students, Amy Myers and Josh Pierce.

By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Construction on two new Habitat for Humanity Homes is underway through the continued partnership with the Jacksboro Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT).

These are the third and fourth houses built in Campbell County through the TCAT partnership. The two new homes are being constructed off Old Highway 63 just east Big O’s Valley. The lots sit side by side.

One of the homes is near completion. The foundation is in place on the other house.

The students “gain valuable on site experience” while building for Habitat for Humanity.

Here’s near the beginning of the first house in early winter, and below is how it looks the last week of winter.

According to both organizations, it’s a “true win-win situation” for the community and students alike. Students gain first hand experience in their trade, as well as learning how it feels to “give something back” to the community.

TCAT Building Construction Technology students, as well as HVAC and Electrical students participate in the builds.

Left to right are students Trace Childress, Jacob Smith, Donny Lindsay-Residential-Commercial-Industrial Electricity (RCIE) class instructor for TCAT, Ryan Douglas and Assistant Jonathan Bryant.

The Building Construction program at TCAT began after the college received Appalachian Regional Commission grant funds to expand opportunities in the county. 

TCAT used its portion of the grant money to start the building construction program which was up and running by 2020 with a small class. The program has been growing each year. 

The TCAT Building Construction Technology instructor for the build is Chris Goodman. The Residential-Commercial-Industrial Electricity (RCIE) class instructor for TCAT and these projects is Donny Lindsay

Tennessee College of Applied Technology President Debbie Petree said the “partnership was working perfectly,” and that students and instructors were doing wonderful with the program. She also said it had ended up being a great “recruiting tool” for TCAT.

Right next door is where the next Habitat home will be constructed.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for our students to gain the experience they need to progress their careers, and it’s great for the community as well. Through WLAF and other outlets, potential students are learning that they get to actually build a house and get that kind of real life building technology experience to put on their resume and they’re signing up for classes; it’s been wonderful,” Petree said.

Local Habitat for Humanity Board President Zach Sheets said the partnership had remained a “true win-win for all involved” and that it helped cut costs immensely on the home build, which helps the homeowner out with a lower mortgage. 

He said Habitat for Humanity and TCAT “make a great team.” 

He also complimented TCAT instructors that help with the home builds.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity, or if you have properties to sell or donate, contact Sheets at 423.566.4010.

“They have the passion to share that knowledge with the students, who then build a house that’s going to help someone in need. It helps everyone; a true win-win. The students get the real life experience of building a home while giving back to the community; it’s just a great partnership for us to have, and we couldn’t be happier with how it has all come together. Being able to work with Debbie and her team makes it all the better experience for Habitat,” Sheets said. 

Sheets also said Habitat for Humanity was always looking for more properties to build homes. 

“If anyone is looking to sell or donate land, we would be happy to help,” Sheets said.

Habitat for Humanity will also be taking home applications later this year at a “yet to be determined date that will be announced.”

Anyone interested in the TCAT Building Construction Technology course, HVAC, Electrical or any of its many programs can call 423.566.9629 or visit TCAT’s website.

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