PINE MOUNTAIN, TN (WLAF) – Thirty-nine days, three weeks, four years.  Campbell County Trustees have no hesitation when asked how much time they have left to serve.  Regardless of the time left on their sentences, being on a daily work detail helps them pass the time, make a positive difference and get credit toward an earlier release.

VERY TOP PHOTO:  (Front row left to right) Bucky Mc Culley and Kevin Graybow.  (Back row left to right)  Anthony Gross and Michael Harness

From weed eating to building projects to painting schools, trustees from Campbell County Jail inmates are doing good work and making a difference around the county.  “It’s a chance for these men to meet people, showcase skills and gain employment after being released.  They are amazing workers,” said Campbell County Sheriff’s Work Crew Supervisor Michael Harness.

WLAF caught up with Harness and the members of his work detail last Friday on Pine Mountain at the repeater site (Above) which serves the county’s EMS and sheriff’s department for north Campbell County.  They were there finishing up a brush clearing project they started a few days before.

Bucky McCulley (Above), an habitual motor vehicle offender, like the others, jumped at the chance to join the work detail.  The 49-year- old called it a good support system.  “I’d like to thank Robbie (Sheriff Goins), Jeremy (Chief Deputy Goins) and Stoney (Captain Love – Jail Administrator) for the opportunity,” said McCulley.  And about Harness?  He said, “He’s a very good one (supervisor).”

“I’m just excited to start a new chapter of my life,” said Kevin Graybow (Above).  He talked about how being on the work detail and how he now has become friends with some the deputies.  Graybow said, “I’m even friends with the deputy who arrested me.  He told me that I was fast, because he had to run me down.” Graybow is jailed for drug charges.

“I’m glad to get out here and do something constructive,” the 34-year old Graybow said.

Harness said two men from his work detail landed construction jobs almost two years ago.  “I’m very proud of some of the prior trustees we’ve had in the program,” said Harness.

Anthony Gross (Above) is the newest member of Harness’s work detail and is in for a violation of probation.  The 37-year- old, who was on the project on Pine Mountain last Friday with Graybow and McCulley, also assisted them with putting together the school supply packs that were given to students last weekend.

Michael Harness, a more than 10-year- veteran with the sheriff’s department, is in his third year as work detail supervisor

“Some inmates come from a not so good home life and aren’t used to being praised for doing a good job.  This allows them to get some “atta boys” for the good work they do; good praise and encouragement,” Harness said.  Trustees get “good time” as he explains that for every day of work, those on the work detail get credit for two days that comes off the back of their sentence.  Harness said, “Those on the work detail cannot have any write ups or any violent offenses.”

Capt. Stoney Love, jail administrator, is the person to call if a non-profit organization, like the school system, would like some help from members of the work detail.  Love can be reached at 423.562.7446.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/16/2019-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF WLAF’S CHARLIE HUTSON)







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  1. This program is an asset for both the county and the individuals given the opportunity. The incentive to earn credit days off their time is reasonable. What similar opportunities are offered to the female inmates?

    1. I was a female inmate for a short period a few years back. There were female inmates also given the opportunity to be trustees. I believe they typically worked in the kitchen or doing the laundry. They also receive two days off their sentence for each day of service.

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