LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The topic of beer permits will continue to be debated at next month’s City of LaFollette Council Meeting.    Sam Jamani, owner of the Main Street Shell, was at last night’s workshop to discuss his required footage for a beer permit. Jamani told council  he had hired a professional surveyor, who measured his distance from the surrounding churches and park. Jamani continued that he is the required 500 feet for a beer permit. The council questioned whether the distance from the walking trail behind Dave Dunaway’s law office had been measured or not. Council discussed the tennis court that is located behind the Shell and noted that it is maintained by the recreation department and considered part of the park. City Attorney Reid Troutman said “this issue has come up before” and outlined three issues that need to be considered, the church, the baseball field and the tennis court, because it is part of a regulated park.  After a lengthy discussion, council requested Jamani share his survey information with Troutman, so he can review it.

Zoyal Market has applied for a beer permit. Mark A. Wells spoke to council on behalf of his boss, JR Kitts. Wells said that there have been two churches located in the building next to the market. Currently, Mercy Church of God that is pastored by JR Kitts is in the space formerly occupied by One Love Church and the other church is no longer there. When you measure from the front door of the market to the front door of the church, the distance is less than the required 500 feet. The issue will come before the beer board at next month’s meeting.

The fire department appeared to be a hot topic as well. Currently, fire engine #105 is out of service due to engine problems. “This truck has been a problem since we bought it a few years ago” said Councilman Lonnie “Hotrod” Wilson. Currently it needs about $17,000 in repairs.  The council will vote on the repairs next month.  The next topic of discussion was Dylan Roach who appears to be having issues getting all his required certification and is not on track to get certified. Councilman Ann Thompson said, “We need a resolution to this issue.”  The final fire department item was the hiring of Joseph Gilbert as a full-time fire fighter effective Sept. 14 at a salary of $30,686.13.

At last month’s council workshop, Police Chief Bill Rhoel spoke with council about the police policy for accreditation. During that meeting he told council  it would not require a vote, but last night he said that it would require a vote. Councilman Mark Hoskins and Thompson said they wanted time to review the policy before voting, implying they would not be ready by the next meeting.

Ordinance 2019-05 amending the Occupational Safety and Health Program Plan will have its final reading. A vote will be taken on Resolution 2019-11 authorizing the City of LaFollette to participate in the Public Entity Partners Loss Control Matching Grant Program.

In the final business of the night, Thompson questioned City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries about why Mandi Rodriguez had a city issued cellphone. Jeffries explained that Rodriguez does the social media and website for the city. She utilizes the phone to do those tasks, he continued.

Councilman Bill Archer was not in attendance for last night’s workshop due to a minor surgery, but was reported to be doing well as of last night. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/27/2019-6AM)