The City of LaFollette has some decisions to make.    Wayne Kitts and David Chambers came to Monday afternoon’s workshop on behalf of the LaFollette Country Club for a progress update. The City has been discussing the possibility of a partnership with the country club. Mayor Mike Stanfield and Councilmen Joe Bolinger said they had been up and looked at the property. Bolinger was concerned about the area around the pool needing work and the age of some of the equipment at the club. Kitts pointed out to the council that they currently have a good greens keeper for the golf course and they are better financially than when they first approached the City.  “We would like to have an agreement by January,” Kitts said. Stanfield replied that the city should know something by October or November. Chambers asked the council if they could come back in November to discuss progress on the agreement.

Council will discuss the promotion of Katina Chapman to clerk supervisor at a salary of $29,198.05. She will be replacing Brenda Moses who recently retired.

Council will discuss Resolution 2018-23 amending the 2018/19 budget in the amount of $91,274 for revenue and expenditures.

Fire Chief Charles Eldridge told council that as of next month, standards are changing for NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association. Eldridge explained that the old air packs the fire department has will be non-compliant at that time. Eldridge continued that the department currently has 21 packs that will need to be replaced. Council will discuss bidding for the air packs.

Stanfield asked Public Works Director Jim Mullens about the progress on the widening and paving of College Hill Road. Mullins said work was going well at this time. He explained that the county is supplying the gravel for the widening and the city is supplying the labor. He continued that the county will pay for half of the paving and the city will pay for the other half. The total cost of the paving will be $32,000. Councilman Bill Archer said this was the first he was hearing of the project. Stanfield said council discussed the project before Archer was elected. Archer then questioned where the funds would come from to pay for the project. Stanfield replied that it could come out of fund balance. Archer responded with a frustrated question, “Every time we want something, we take it out of fund balance.  Where does it stop?” Stanfield gave a mumbled reply saying, “When the Lord comes back (referencing when they stop taking out of fund balance).  Until then, we’ll take care of his people.”

City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries updated council on the status of the old post office project. Jeffries said that the roof, HVAC, windows and lead based paint removal have been completed. Painting will be need to be done in house, Jeffries continued.

The City of La Follette meets in its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at 5:30 pm at City Hall.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/25/2018-6AM)

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