TOP PHOTO: LaFollette Library Director Nancy Green marks 31 years with the library today.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Thirty-one years ago today in 1989, LaFollette Library Director Nancy Green accepted her “dream job” with the city. 

Green is celebrating her 31st year as the LaFollette Library Director on Nov. 20 and her birthday on Nov. 23.

Nancy Green was a driving force in helping LaFollette have the library it has.

Green said she still loves her job after all these years. It was a passion for books and people that led her to her career.

Prior to becoming the library director in LaFollette, Green had worked as a library aid at Wynn-Habersham School under librarian Marjorie Johnson. It was her first “real job” after high school and Green was quickly hooked on her new career.

Nancy Green is no doubt a people person.

“She taught me about being a librarian the old way; I learned a lot from her,” Green said, adding that she had seen a lot of changes in the library world over the years. No matter the changes brought on by the digital age, her favorite part of her job has remained the same. “Interaction with the public is the best part of my job. The people are my favorite. I get to see my patrons on a day to day basis.” She said she especially loves spending time with the children who come into the library. 

Green is active in a multitude of community clubs and organizations. She also stays busy with her two daughters and six grandchildren, which are her “pride and joy.”  As of Sunday, she has a new great grandchild to enjoy. 

Her love of family and community is what “keeps her going.”

LaFollette has one of the nicest libraries in the region.

She said she loves her job, and even after 31 years, she “still looks forward to work every single day.”

She said when she was interviewed 31 years ago she was asked if she planned to stay in the position for an extended period of time.

“At the time I told them I saw myself staying in the position till retirement and I’m still going strong. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Green said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/20/2020-6AM)

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    1. I could say a 100 things about Nancy but I’ll sum it up with two words–total dedication. While I was City Administrator I found her to be dependable, energetic and trustworthy. Her enthusiasm served as a catalyst for getting the new library. She treats everyone special and promotes reading for everyone. God bless you Nancy and thanks for being so helpful to me for all these years. Oh yeah she also has a very good assistant in Norma Asher. I love you both. God bless.

  1. Nancy is a very knowledgeable and professional lady. When I started writing my series of novels taking place in and around LaFollette, she was one of the first people to offer encouragement and then promotion of my books. She is a very selfless and giving person.
    Douglas Joe Guy (The LaFollette Chronicles)

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