Mayor Mike Stanfield is being sworn in by City Judge Kathy Parrott.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Tuesday night two new councilmembers, Phillip Farmer and Wayne Kitts, and Mayor Mike Stanfield were sworn in before the monthly meeting of the LaFollette City Council. The position of vice mayor and beer board chairman were left vacant after Lonnie “Hot Rod” Wilson was defeated in the November election. Incoming Councilman Phillip Farmer will fill those positions now. He will also serve on the 911 board. WATCH THE ENTIRE MEETING HERE

City Clerk Stan Foust (right) swears in new council member Phillip Farmer. Farmer was also voted in as vice mayor.

New Councilman Wayne Kitts had many questions as they worked through the agenda.  In regular business, the council approved the minutes of the meeting from the month prior. However, it appeared for a moment that was not going to happen. Kitts expressed concern about actions taken after the council adjourned last month and if they were included in the minutes or not. After a brief discussion it was revealed that the minutes were correct, and the action was not included in the minutes. Kitts then asked if there was a time limit on citizens comments during the meeting, saying he felt three minutes was adequate. No action was taken on this matter.

Wayne Kitts (left) was sworn in to serve on council by City Clerk Stan Foust.

Three resolutions were passed at last night’s meeting. Resolution 2020-22 authorizing issuance of interest-bearing general obligation capital outlay notes, series 2020, in an amount not to exceed $1,500,00. The purpose of the note is to finance all of the portion of the costs of street and road improvements, including paving, the costs of ADA upgrades within the city, the acquisition of equipment for various departments of the city, including but not limited to computer upgrades for the administrative office, tornado sirens, police vehicles and other motor vehicles, the construction of a multi-purpose building for the recreation center, the construction of an amphitheater, the acquisition of all other property real and personal appurtenant to and connected with the work and pay all legal, fiscal administrative, planning and engineering costs.

Resolution 2020-23 amending the 2020-21 budget to add $4,782 grant revenue from the Cares Act for the library was passed.

Resolution 2020-24 declaring a vacancy on the LaFollette City Council was passed. This resolution enabled council to fill the vacant seat left by the resignation of Ann Thompson. After the resolution was passed, Kitts nominated Stephanie Grimm to fill the vacant seat. All members voted yes except for Councilman Mark Hoskins. He questioned the process after the vote, stating he thought nominations would be accepted from all council members and then council would vote.

In 2010, Grimm was elected to the council and later into her term resigned after moving outside the city limits. She led the council ticket in the election with 759 votes. It was Thompson who was appointed to finish Grimm’s term.

Under administration, the council agreed to transfer the title of the hospital to Tennova Medical Center as per the terms of the lease. City Attorney Reid Troutman advised there were some outstanding items to be resolved with the hospital. The council approved an easement between John Snodderly and the City of LaFollette on erecting a fence on a portion of an unopened street on East Elm. A one-time transfer of sick time for an employee in the police department was approved. The employee is battling cancer.

Personnel items on the agenda included promotions of Firemen Jessica Claiborne and Shane Seidner. They have been with the fire department since June. Promotion of the pair will be effective Dec. 5, each with a salary of $30,646.72. Michael Medley was hired a full-time laborer in the recreation department at a salary of $21,638.24. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/02/2020-6AM)