NASHVILLE, TN (WLAF) – The ringing in of the new year brought in a new set of laws for Tennessee.

The new laws instituted range from how pregnant employees are treated to 911 operators to buying tobacco products.

-Employers must provide more accommodations for expectant mothers, per the Tennessee Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. These include: increased provisions of breaks, modified or increased seating, temporary transfer to a vacant position, and modified work schedules.

– 911 operators across the state may now provide CPR instructions over the phone. Prior to this legislation, not every county allowed operators to issue CPR instructions. The legislation also protects operators from liability in the event they issue those instructions or a caller declines the CPR guidance.

– The age limit to purchase or consume any tobacco, hemp, or vapor products is now 21- years-old. In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) increased the federal minimum age from 18 to 21.

– Homeowners won’t be subject to commercial property taxes for using their residence for short-term rentals.

Tennessee’s Endangered Alert System, similar to the America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response (AMBER) Alert system, expanded to include qualifying individuals under 21 years old through the Holly Bobo Act. The woman the legislation was named after, Holly Bobo, went missing at 18- years- old in 2011.

-The Department of Veterans Services will mandate suicide prevention training for its employees that work with veterans. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED -01/04/2021- 6AM)

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  1. At 18 you are an adult. You can vote, you can be tried as an adult for jail & you can join the military. But now at 18 you can’t buy tobacco products. Either you are an adult or you aren’t. There should be no middle area

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