LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Isaac Phillips has released his preliminary accident report this morning concerning a Wednesday evening wreck in Downtown La Follette.

The path the motorcycle took based on the street markings by Trooper Phillips.

This is an updated report from Trooper Phillips. He describes that 42-year old Missy Pebley of La Follette was traveling north on South Tennessee Avenue and attempted to make a left turn onto West Central Avenue. As Pebley was making a left turn she lost control not completing the left turn coming into contact with a curb and the sidewalk. Her 2005 Harley Davidson Motorcycle came to an uncontrolled rest in the parking lot area of Peoples Bank of the South.

Trooper Phillips notes that Pebley was wearing a DOT approved helmet.

First Responders were alerted of the accident at 6:44 pm. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/08/2021-8AM-UPDATED 10:30AM)

6 Replies to “La Follette woman dies in motorcycle wreck – UPDATE”

  1. Seems those flower pots have caused more accidents than they’re worth. Get rid of them all.

    1. Those hideous flower beds need to be removed! Could have been a different outcome.

  2. They called it beautification. There is nothing downtown to go to any more thanks to WALMART and other big business. Definitely could have been a different outcome more than likely. This was my daughter. If it were a BIG SHOTS family, I bet they would be removed.

  3. The flowerpots make delivery trucks swingout farther to aviod them, or force the to button hook to keep from curving their tires. This is a safety issue which should have been discussed before wasting tax payer money. Safety first!!!

  4. Just about anybody with common sense could tell those flower beds were going to cause trouble for drivers. Bigger vehicles have trouble swinging wide enough to get through their turns. They never should have been installed as they are dangerous.

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