By Charlotte Underwood   

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – All of the elementary schools in Campbell County are getting new playground equipment  as a result of federal funds from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Two middle schools will also be receiving outdoor recreational facilities and shade structures. Playground equipment was recently delivered to schools and will be installed in the upcoming weeks before school starts.

The $500,000 project was spearheaded by First District School Board member Jeffrey Miller who has been working on the details for months.

“Recess is important, and it’s a big deal for kids to be happy, and a happy kid is a learning kid,” Miller said. 

Miller met with principals at all the schools and worked with them on the layout of where the new equipment would be placed. All elementary schools and LaFollette and Jacksboro middle schools will also be getting shade structures. The shade structures will come with four large steel tables in colors coordinated with each school.

LaFollette Middle School and Jacksboro Middle School are also getting “Gaga Pits” which are small areas to play “Gaga Ball” a game similar to dodge ball.

This is the look at Wynn School earlier this month as new playground equipment was put in place.

Valley View Elementary had already had a playground upgrade and so will instead be getting an outdoor music equipment interactive station.  Other elementary schools will be getting outdoor music equipment as well.

According to Miller, shipments of new equipment has arrived for all the elementary schools in the county.

“This project was much needed for years, and I felt it was important for our kids. Locally, we just didn’t have the money to do it, so it was wonderful to be able to use those federal funds for outdoor recreation areas and playground equipment,” Miller said. 

“This project was made possible because of the ESSER funding we got from the federal government as part of the COVID relief,” Miller said. 

He also said he was appreciative of all the support he recieved while working on the project.

“It’s all about the kids; recess and outdoor recreation is an integral part of children learning. I just hope the kids enjoy it,” Miller said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/28/2021-6AM)