LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Somewhere along the way of Lillie Kidwell’s many evenings helping at WLAF, Lillie came into the radio station, someone ran out to see who it was and the response was “Oh, it’s just Lillie.” From that day forward, Lillie’s name changed to “Oh, It’s Just Lillie.” Though that was a fun time, we’re not laughing so much today around here at WLAF, because Just Lillie passed away at her La Follette home on Monday morning.

Lillie was quite the volunteer for WLAF. She was here about anytime the doors were open helping, mostly in the evening, answering the phone, sharing prayer requests and just serving as good company. She used to enjoy walking into the studio during a live telecast and making announcements on WLAF-TV 12. She would also come in anytime there was a weekend event on TV to help out.

Lillie Kidwell was a fixture around WLAF for years.

“I will tell you that Lillie was such a blessing to everyone who came through the doors at the old radio station,” said WLAF’s Derrick Lee Anderson. He adds that what he loved about Lillie was the fact that she did her best to serve the community through the people she got to know during her time at WLAF. “What I will remember about Lillie is the fact that she was an amazing Christian who had a great heart for people,” said Anderson.

Family and friends will meet this morning at 10:00am at Walters Funeral Home Chapel and proceed to Locust Stump Cemetery. The graveside services and interment begin at 11am.

As Lillie entered through the Pearly gates, someone asked “Who is that?” Another voice shot back, “Oh, It’s Just Lillie.” (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/08/2022-6AM)

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  1. My Aunt Lillie was the kindness person I ever met. She was the youngest of 9 siblings and the baby sister to my mom, Pearl. My dad worked at GMAD in Norwood, Ohio, and during every model change in August, our family would go to my grandma’s, Lula Kidwell, to stay for 1-2 weeks. I couldn’t wait to see Lillie and go back to the mountains to play, pick berries, and be one with nature. I found my love for Sonic, because she would make sure we stopped there when we went to “town.” There isn’t even space here to share my wonderful memories of my Aunt Lillie, but I know there has to be a grand reunion party in heaven with her reconnecting with those loved ones who have gone on before her. I will miss our weekly chats and sharing stories from the good “old” days. Thank you for letting her light shine at your radio station. She was so fond of everyone at WLAF. Sending love from Cincinnati, Ohio.

  2. My memories of Lillie are from high school. She was younger than me, but you noticed her because she was always smiling, happy, congenial and helpful. Her light was always on and she glowed. My condolences to her family.

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