LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Monday afternoon safety was on the workshop agenda for the LaFollette City Council. Mayor Phillip Farmer had requested the council discuss the four-way intersection at the former Walker’s Grocery. Farmer reported he had a few citizens ask about removing the stop sign at the corner of South Cumberland and East Kentucky Avenues.

The council asked for Police Chief Bill Rhoel’s thoughts on whether to leave the intersection as is or change it. Rhoel said he thought it was a good speed deterrent. After a brief discussion, the council decided to leave the intersection as it is.  Up next for safety was the placement of cameras inside the city. City Administrator Stan Foust requested a list of places where they would like to see cameras placed before he moves forward with an estimate. The council members listed Seargeant Park and Freeman Park, the breezeway next to the pawn shop, Tennessee Avenue and behind city hall.

The Welcome to LaFollette sign on the west end of town at Community Trust Bank was destroyed again after being replaced from a previous accident. This afternoon, at its regular monthly meeting, the council will discuss replacement of the sign. Foust reported that insurance would not pay for the replacement due to what the destroyed sign was made of. He continued the council will need to look at a different material for the next sign, possibly an aluminum with vinyl coating.

Appointment of a LaFollette Utility Board Member will be on the agenda as well. Council members discussed Janice Walker’s interest in continuing to serve on the board, a five-year term. If she continues to serve on the board, this would be her last term based on LUB guidelines.

Promoting Aaron Adkins to full- time level II patrol officer at a salary of $32,457.40 effective June 20 will be on the agenda for council to vote on at the regular meeting later today.

Resolution 2022-16 amending the 2021-22 budget to add a $6,100 overage for paving behind city hall and funds recently received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for a one time bonus to city employees are on today’s meeting agenda. Ordinance 2022-23 approving the 2022-23 budget will have a first reading this afternoon.

The beer board has one applicant to be approved, Main Street Tobacco and Beer. That is also on today’s agenda.

The regular monthly meeting of the LaFollette City Council is today at 5:30pm at city hall. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/07/2022-6AM)